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Quick, convenient and cost effective- these are a few words which describe us the best. A hotel branding chain that serves as an easy way of making bookings at premium hotels all over the country, we, QiK Stay, have an interesting story of how Jasveer Singh, our founder-CEO created us from an inspiration to make something huge.

Born in the small town of Etah in West Uttar Pradesh, Jasveer was always inclined towards being an entrepreneur. After a series of jobs in various organizations like changemytyre.com, chakleindia and abhilaya.com, he finally gave way to his dream of starting his own company called sparehousing.com which was essentially a look-up website for paying guest accommodations. After a successful run for a year, he sold the company to take a sabbatical and channel his energies into drafting his next brainchild — ZOZO STAY (later transformed to QiK Stay).

Jasveer had a lot of hardships along the way. His sister’s marriage was a tough time as their father’s business was at a very critical stage where they were literally living hand to mouth. Money was always a major concern but it was also his biggest motivation to create something big. All this while, Jasveer never let his family know about his start-ups or the fact that he had left his job. Working out of coffee shops for 2 years, he didn’t have any money in the bank and would avoid meeting friends and family for a year and a half, because that would require spending money that he did not have.

Hard work is the key to all successes, and so was the story for Jasveer. A firm believer of self-motivation and problem solving, he constantly pushes himself and his employees to work harder and maintain faith in themselves and the work they’re doing. The one thing that kept Jasveer going through all the good times and bad is the fact that he never paid attention to other people’s advice. Though he would often be told money comes second to following passion and dreams, he eventually realized money is, in fact, very important. He spent his time interacting with people form the hospitality industry, which inspired him to run a guest house with an initial investment of merely Rs 50,000. A few months into the business, he managed to generate a revenue of Rs 15 lacs and even went on to acquire three more properties. Having his fair share of experience with the venture, Jasveer was now convinced that an ownership model was not the key to fast and exponential growth in this sector. Hence, he felt a need to build a hotel branding chain, an asset-light model in which instead of owning and operating the properties himself, he would create an umbrella brand making it convenient for the customers to choose from a vast array of premium hotel stays at affordable prices.

ZOZO STAY, our forerunner, was an asset-light model where hotels were made available on hourly basis. After testing the waters for a few months, ZOZO STAY evolved to become QiK Stay, not just changing the name but to change what we do as well. Excessive network, looking for the right talent to join our growing family has helped us become what we are now — a brand that helps make bookings at premium hotels across India, at ease and with maximum customer satisfaction. With undying self belief and confidence, we don’t just wish to deliver booking — we want to deliver experiences of comfort and luxury to every one of our users, and this is what makes us different from all our buddies in the market!


Understanding Salary Caps and Why The NFL opted out

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OK, maybe I can’t say for certain why the NFL opted out of their current CBA. But what I can speak to is the problem with salary caps as they are structured in the NHL, NFL and NBA, so that sports fans can understand why the NFL is doing what it is doing and why it could and probably will happen in any league governed by a salary cap.

The basic structure of a salary cap is that the revenues of the league are aggregated into a total pool, call it football, basketball or hockey related income.

Every league is different in the specifics of which revenue is included. Generally its 100pct of national revenue, such as national TV and marketing deals and the net margin dollars of nationally sold merchandise at the top level. In addition to the national revenue, the collective bargaining agreements for each league specify which…

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You might be part of it!

Facbook is the 2nd most visited site in the world  ( 1st is Google)


Facebook founder and world’s youngest billionaire ‘Mark Zukerbarg’ never would have thought that the site will gain so much popularity in such a short period of time. In fact if you are not on FB, People would look at you and say, “Oh you are not an FB!!???… How do  you live without FB!!…and all that.

Today FB has more than 1 billion Registered users which means every 7th person on earth have registered on FB. And in the all probability you are also one of them. Now we need to think about spending time in using facebook.

You could be a Normal user, over user, or addicted.

Let’s say about normal user: if you spend time less than one hour, you come under this category. And if you spend time more than one hour that means you are over user. And yes, it doesn’t mean that you are only physically sitting in front of system/smart phone. It also includes all time even thinking about FB (thinking about how many people would have liked/commented on my status). Now come to the part of addicted. Few months back I was part of Addicted. You might be part of it if you are following all points….

1. If your mind is always thinking how many people would like my status and how many comments comes on my status.

2. If you are refreshing screen again and again and waiting always for something

3. If net disconnected and you started using FB on smart phone.

4. You are using FB in toilet.

5. Before going to sleep you update GOOD NIGHT.

6. First thing you do in the morning is to see reaction on GOOD NIGHT status.

Now I am going to talk about my usage of FB. I have already written few months back I was addicted but now I use less than 20 minutes including thinking about FB (you can say under user). In my opinion Ideally it should not be used more than 30 minutes if you are using more than that then you are wasting your time.  But apart from purposefully, like promoting your business, marketing complain, social cause, or you are doing some meaningful work. In these case giving your time is worth full

Most of the people use FB without meaningful work

In my opinion

Those people who don’t have ‘meaningful goal ‘…The wonders

Those people who are more interested in others life …..The peepers

 Why FB is Harmful for over users…here are few reasons:

 1. Your happiness control is in others hand …..

How?  Eg… When you upload pics or when you bought something and update ….you start thinking …how many people Like, How many people comment, if you did not get like and comment as per your expectation ….then you will start thinking some negative things like, why people not like my photo?, I am not looking good?, and I am not good in friends circle. You start underestimating yourself because when you were upload pics that time you were happy…Now your happiness turns into frustration .

2. You look others Blessings as self shortcoming

Generally people share good things on FB. Like new car, new home, and so on

we also do same thing but do you know the reality behind the new car or New home? People share about New car but they don’t share the monthly EMI that comes with it( car ke sath aane wali EMI nhi share karte). Friends share their swanky office but they do not share Tension  behind the office( log uske sath milne bali tension nhi share karte), when it happen you start comparing yourself, ultimately you start feeling low.

3. Real friends and relationship suffer

Most of people proudly say ‘you know! I have 1000 friends on FB….but I am sure if these friends will pass in front of your eyes you will identify only half of the people. But anyway it’s not a bad thing but if you give time to these unknown friends..Then you start compromising with family, real friends, relatives. But frankly speaking FB is like a ‘Crowd’ and (bheedh ka koi chahera nhi hota hai).

4. Socially active but in reality just opposite

So many people think I am an active user of FB. They say hi and bye to their friends. But in reality when your office and college friends you see face to face even you do not react. It’s like online presence with no importance to physical presence.

5. You spend energetic day in lazy entertainment

If you look the demography most of FB users are teens and twenties people. Teen age or for those in their twenties, it is the most important time of their life or you can say this age is meant to shape your life. When you put this young energy you can do anything whatever you want in life. But some people invest in wrong place.

So finally I would like to say FB is like a shopping mall where you can get lots of noise. So when you spend less time you can enjoy but if you make home there, then you listen others noise.

“It is so Simple to be Happy, but so Difficult to be Simple!”

“It is so Simple to be Happy, but so Difficult to be Simple!”Image

I’m sure, we have all come across this saying once in our lifetime, atleast the movie buffs would have. This dialogue is from my all time favorite Hrishida’s (Hrishikesh mukherjee) movie “ bawarchi”…

This was the feeling I had the moment I visited the Gandhi Ashram at Ahmedabad. I was touched by its simplicity. I guess the very word ‘simplicity’ symbolizes Gandhi, somebody I never understood for a long time and then when I understood him, he failed to go away from my mind…That’s the power of GANDHI.. He was one man who practiced first and then preached.. The world needs leaders like him today. Always being persistent and focused. I truly feel that I was lucky to have had the opportunity to pay a visit to the ashram.

It’s places and people like this which make you wonder, is it worth wasting all your precious time for some perishable materialistic goals. A small humble home with bare necessities and lots of garden space and a breathtaking view of the Sabarmati river…this is all that the place has.. Of course the beautiful display building designed by renowned Architect Charles Correa is worth a mention..

He has designed the whole building with so much care and Gandhiji’s ideas and thoughts are the highlights. The building only emphasizes gandhiji’s principles. It’s a beautiful work of art. One feature which impressed me the most and which will always be in my everlasting memory is a white wall with Gandhiji’s dictum on it.. It said: “My life is my Message”….I just sat in front of that wall and kept staring into it aimlessly.. that was the power of simplicity. One has to see it to experience it. This place also has lovely rare photographs of Gandhi, which instantly bring a smile onto your face.. Especially photos where, Gandhiji is looking thru a microscope etc.

All I can say is, there is “beauty in simplicity”..one should have an eye for it..
meaning of life lies not in the grand moments of happiness we are pursuing, but in those millions of tiny moments of pleasure which we often comfortably choose to ignore or postpone.

I just heard Joyce Meyer on TV the other day and was laughing and agreeing at the same time to what she said. She said” Life is so simple that sometimes smart people fail to get it.” Isn’t this true!!!

Happy living..

Is that possible without FDI?

There are so many country china, Malaysia Thailand Philippines so on these countries emerging economy that have allowed FDI. They also come out of large scale unemployment those FDI ultimately will benefit for people.

Today we have seen the kinds of revolution in telecom. Is that possible without FDI?  Today everybody carries mobile phone. Tv channels we watch, vehicles we drive, appliances we use, and we are using most of international brand  all are the result of FDI. Think about before two decade ago people wait years for landline phone one government run TV channel.

Our some of politisions Mamata Banerjee, mulayam singh is hoping poor will not benefit much from this FDI. How this will destroy Kirana shops these people think that Wal-Mart, with its 51% highly-regulated equity in a Indian venture, will be able to do what Reliance Fresh and Big Bazaar could not. Even if we look in terms of tax benefit. we see many big kirana shop owners who earns lakes per month but does not pay tax. If its organized retail, they will pay taxes on the profit. Now the biggest role has be to played by the government. If they promote small scale industries in small cities and town, then we will not need to import things from China or other low cost market. By this we will be adding jobs.

Wal-Mart will not going to kill our domestic firms because .we need to compete with Wal-Mart. to be the best in the world. What has happened since government has allowed private players. They are competing and getting efficient. Sometime back government allowed FDI in telecom. Did it kill the existing players (Airtel is still running healthy after Vodaphone took over Hutch), and my experience says BSNL is much more efficient today.

Companies like Walmart/Tesco will bring experience which we have been lacking. The Indian retailers are only focused in the downstream processes (Customer facing) not the upstream processes (Like direct procurement from farmers, supply chain etc). They are not building backend infrastructure which supports the front end operations. The big players will surely do that is what we believe. Also govt has put up some constraints so as it does not became a mechanism to make a quick buck and only long term players come in with an intention of building long term operations. Also there are constraints put which would enable the local producers to gain from all this procurement.

we  are ready for competing the global retail giant. we get quality products. At least now, if we go to large retail chain shops like Spencers, More, Big Bazaar, the items packed and supplied from there are far better in quality than the items being sold in small shops.

We have multi-brand retail in India. It is actually helping the small shop owner. The small shop owner buys in bulk, what the wholesaler does not supply, or cannot supply to him, and sells it in his shop. It seems, this is what the govt. wants to make visible to itself, because the small shop owner will have to perhaps show, that he will resell the merchandise he buys, from such establishments. The small shop owner is not buying in wholesale amounts, it seems, but the amount he needs. Perhaps, he will pay less, if he buy’s at wholesale rates from these establishments, at wholesale bulk.

Here is Example of Gujarat growth. Gujarat chief minister who has been boating of economic success in the state because of his open policies attracting foreign investment like foreign auto manufactures.

Hello Friends!

Hello, and welcome to my Blog

I am a Freelance writer & Entrepreneur!
☛ Philosophy of my life !!
“If you think,You Can”
“Don’t wait…..Take initiative”
☛ In my professional experience my major work has been in the area of Identifying new business markets.To work as an influential, innovative and result oriented.
“My ambition is to own a billion dollar company”
Jasveer singh lives in New Delhi. I loves travelling,Reading Non-fiction Novel & Motivating peoples.

☛ So why this blog?

As I already said about my professorial experiences But we all know that everybody have a special & unique quality. So I have also something unique. I am very quick learner &  always try to learn something different. as I mention I love reading non-fiction Novel so I spend my time reading a lot that why I am carrying lot of knowledge and information most of area like Entrepreneurship, Education, Internet, Business, technology, history, Science, geography and so on. thinks happening around the globe. Apart from all that I am freelance writer also.

I hope you will find something Interesting which may help you.

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